My First Post

Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Jessica! In this blog, I will unravel my life for you guys so you will learn more about me. And hopefully, I will learn more about myself in the process. I’ve never started blogs before, but I want to learn and grow to become an amazing writer to entertain others. Honestly, I’m not sure what to write about, but I will probably just talk about what I think will entertain you and what random things come to my mind.

In my 13 years of living, yes I am 13, I have had a lot of struggle and hardships, like depression and bulimia, which is what I will write about later, but I also have had many enjoyable times as well. Sounds like a lot for a 13-year-old, but believe me, I can’t get past the fact that I’m 13 either.

I was born in the United States on January 17. Both of my parents are Filipino and yet, I have no idea how to speak Tagalog, but I really want to learn. I just love the food and culture. I am just a dog-loving girl that wants to express her thoughts for everybody in the world to see for some reason HAHA.

This is my first time writing, so please send feedback and opinions on my different posts. Also, if you have anything you want me to talk about, you can request me to post something.


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