Day 1~Health Journey

It’s only the first day of the year and I already kicked off with a great start! I was able to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner without feeling sorry for it. In my opinion, I think I had nutritious meals. For breakfast I ate a bowl of cereal, for lunch I had a chicken sandwich, and for dinner I had salmon with rice and kale.

Before dinner, me and my family went to the gym for two hours. This was my routine:

  1. I stretched for about 3 minutes.
  2. I got on the treadmill and did run/walk intervals, and did a whole mile in about 13 min.
  3. I went on various machines, that I can’t name, where I worked out my hamstrings, deltoid, abs, quadriceps, biceps, and much more.
  4. I did more stretching and lifted some weights.
  5. Then, I took a 5 minute break.
  6. I went on a machine that was something like a bike, and I “biked” a whole mile.
  7. Me and my dad dancing like crazy animals.
  8. A lot more stretching.

And that’s what I did for a whole 2 hours. I thought it would be a lot of pain, but it was actually pretty fun. Well, this is only the first day and I have 364 more to go.

Tip: Stretch a few minutes before and after you exercise so you won’t be sore the next day.



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