Day 3~School Life

As a thirteen-year-old, who will soon be fourteen, I am pretty busy in school and I try to commit posting everyday. I go to a middle school and I am currently in 8th grade. It doesn’t sound like I do much, but it really is hard work trying to maintain my straight A’s. As Winter Break just wrapped up, I found it very difficult to get back to my regular sleeping schedule. I’ve been very tired and mentally drained for the past couple of days from the lack of sleep.

In the morning, I wake up at 5:05, but I get up at 6:10 to finally start to get ready for school. Also, it’s normally freezing cold in the morning, so it’s been really hard to move without feeling a small gust of wind that raises all your arm hairs.

It was 8º outside so I don’t understand why anyone would let children go out in that monstrosity of what they call weather.

At 7:06 I leave to go to school by riding in the car with my dad while jamming out to the Bee Gees album. By the time I got into my school I wanted to die, I had no energy to do anything and I was so cold. I headed towards my locker whilst being shoved by the crowds of students that were in my way.

My whole day was basically the most boring thing for me. A whole hour and 30 minutes of classes that I hated, except these 2 classes. First, I had Algebra 1 Honors. Second, band with a substitute I don’t really like. Third, English, which is the most boring class that I have. Then Lunch, and finally the best class of the day, French.

As I go home to spend the rest of my day doing nothing, I hug myself with a coat to protect me from the harsh weather. For the rest of the day I did exactly what I said, which is nothing, until 7 o’clock when I go to the gym with my dad and finished in a rush so I can have enough time to take a shower and sleep early. I shouldn’t have rushed because I got a notice that my county has a 2 hour delay and I am the happiest person in the world right now.

Good night. I love you.



  1. Fight through the classes you hate. You may be surprised to find down the road that you end up liking topics you used to dislike. Much of it depends on the teacher. I hated English all through school and didn’t fall in love with it until college. A friend was appalled at all the great works I hadn’t read. She furiously wrote a list of texts onto a piece of yellow legal paper and ordered me to start at the top. I obeyed, and was hooked.


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