What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

As a 13-year-old, which is about to be 14 in 10 days, whoo, you would think I tend to overlook this question a lot. I actually think about this question way more than I should. I’m young, but I worry about my future and how I’m going to support me and my family.

When I was super young, I always wanted to be a spy because it was really cool and Spy Kids played a really big role for that choice. My other choice was a veterinarian since I loved animals.

When I was around 11-years-old I got into the world of social media, which presented me with women with “ideal beauty standards”. They were normally models that were at least 5’7″, slim, and fit. Finding people that looked like this made me become self conscious in every way and it gave me a reason to become bulimic. I am only 5’4.5″ at 13, which is short in my opinion and I’m not that skinny. I have a bad habit of fishing for compliments or seeking approval that I am skinny or I will grow taller to feel better. I wish a model scout would just find me lurking around in a mall and ask me to become a model, but that is really far-fetched. Up to now, I still want to be a model, but I don’t want to be the face for a brand that shows skinny is beautiful. I want to be a model that would not normally be presented as “model material” which shows short people, stretch marks, a little weight, cellulite, body hair, and just so much more that a lot of beautiful people have to offer. As of now I am shy, but I want to change, I want to be known for being beautiful and showing confidence in my work.

If I don’t become a model, which I probably won’t be, then I want to be a vet because I love dogs with all my heart. I have never owned a dog since my family is not able to afford it, but I always find pleasure when I go to someone else’s house that has a dog. As a dog lover, I tend to spend more time with the dog than the people within the house, which just shows another bad habit that makes me look more like an introvert.

Back to modeling. Everyone is different and even though I don’t normally like my body, I am proud to say that I am different. Scouts always say that they’re looking for the 1%, but there are a variety of beautiful people, so I guess everyone is there own 1%. No one person is above everyone else. I believe we are equal and beautiful in our own ways.

I love you all.


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