Things People Fail to Realise

Certain situations I believe that are often misunderstood are very common and I think people should be more aware of. There are certain topics, that I will talk about, that I believe shouldn’t even be a problem. Just as a disclaimer, what I say are based on my own personal opinions. I don’t mean to offend anyone or say something against what you believe in. Also, if you are nauseated by some of the topics, feel free to skip over it.


  • It is never the victims’ fault- It’s absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking seeing cases where family members and friends of the victim blame them for being sexually assaulted.
  • Women can be rapists too- I’ve seen this so many times, where people get away with rape just because they’re women. There are many cases where people claim that men are pigs and they’re the rapists, but it makes me so distraught that society fails to realize, anyone can be rapists.
  • Men can be raped– Sadly, based on what I have seen, males get more shamed for being raped than females, when no one should even be shamed at all. I am disgusted at how many time I’ve seen people say,”Men can’t get raped, they’re too strong.” Strength has nothing to do with being raped! That is when you are practically vulnerable and you are fighting for your life, unless you are unconscious!
  • Adults and minors having sexual behavior is rape– If you are healthy, you’re probably not like me, who binge watches Law & Order: SVU all day and picks up on many things that I didn’t even know was illegal, but this one I definitely knew was illegal. Statutory rape! If you don’t know statutory rape is the very illegal act of an adult having sexual behavior with a minor, someone under 18. Even if it is consensual, it is considered rape because of the minor and the LEGAL ADULT!!
  • Rape is not a joke– I know people and some of my friends from my school who joke about this disturbing topic all the time, even towards me. They would make a disturbing face and say,”I’m gonna rape you!” and start laughing. Of course, I never laugh, I just feel disrespected and uncomfortable. When I would tell them it’s not funny, they would turn sour and get upset that I took it “too seriously”. Whelp! I’m sorry. I didn’t know being forced to have sexual intercourse with someone is so funny. I’m so disappointed in my friends that make jokes like this and I hope they learn to GROW UP!

I am so sorry if you ever had to go through sexual assault or had someone you know experience it. Please, contact someone and report it. It’s never good to bottle it inside for the rest of your life.
The National Sexual Hotline: Call 1-800-656-4673


  • Knowing someone that’s LGBTQ+ doesn’t mean they want you– One of the most irritating things I have seen is when people drop a friend because they assume they think they have sexual intentions for them. If you know someone that’s gay or lesbian, it doesn’t mean you’re a “target”!
  • It’s okay to be LGBTQ+– There is nothing wrong with being gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, etc. Don’t be ashamed of what you are, you can’t change it. If your family members or friends can’t accept you, I’m so sorry, but love yourself. You are special in your own way and deserve to be treated like everyone else. My sister is a lesbian and even though my parents don’t support it, I do and I will always be here for her.
  • Stereotypes are BS– Sadly, for basically everything, there are stereotypes (gender, race, nationality, sexuality, etc.) Stereotypes are sadly a way for people to assume what someone is like without actually knowing the person. Based on what I have seen, “stereotypical” gay men are the type that is “feminine” and wear a lot of designer clothes and purses, and stereotypical lesbians are the “butch, masculine” type. I am definitely not saying if you are gay or lesbian, you have to be like this, but this is just what I have seen as stereotypes. If you are not like the stereotypes, good for you, and if you are like the stereotypes, good for you. Everybody is different and do things differently. Be your own person, and be happy about it.

School Shootings:

  • It’s not a joke– The only thing I have to say about this topic is, IT’S NOT A JOKE! I know too many people that make fun of school shootings and joke about shooting up the school. School shootings are one of my worst fears and the people I know are so uneducated and insensitive to this topic. Being in a shooting is one of the scariest and most heartbreaking things ever. I am disgusted at how many times people have made jokes about the Columbine High School shooting. This year is going to be the 19th year since the shooting and I can’t possibly imagine what the victims’ parents and friends are going through. Imagine being in a shooting and never coming out ever again. I just get chills whenever I think about this topic.

Call me insensitive if you want, this is based on what I believe. I love you all so much and please stay safe.



  1. None of your subjects are a joke, they’re very serious. You’ve shone a light on some difficult subjects.
    I will say as someone who’s been a victim of sexual assault, my dark sense of humour has been my lifeline.
    Also my bisexual sister is very feminine & my brother is sensitive and body conscious, therefore always gets labelled as gay. 🤷‍♀️


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